O.i.F./Movie Locations include a 60 pages artists’ book including all images in black and white – not revealing who took which photograph and focussing on the conceptual idea of how to find an image. This is where the title comes from: O.i.F., short for Original in Farbe/original in colour.

O.i.F./Movie Locations was exhibited at (1) Florence Loewy Paris, the (2) Museum für Photographie in Braunschweig, Germany, Hypermarkt, Arles, (3) Künstlerverein Malkasten, Düsseldorf , (4) Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf and Silencio Paris.

O.i.F/Movie Locations: portfolio-box including 61 colour print, fixed on cardboard. (Size of the images: 23 x 18 cm; size of 29,7 x 42 cm)

All images of the portfolio in colour. Text below the images names the place and year the photograph was taken. Also in regular type the title of the movie from which a scene was shot at this location. Or, in italic type, the name of a movie wich could have been shot at that location.

O.i.F./Movie Location, Subway Station Düsseldorf
U75 Handelszentrum/Moskauer Str.

The guide book to the images: One way to find images. Manhattan-Bridge as seen from Brooklyn was one of our first destinations in New York. It looked like expected. Almost not real. Of course a film team was just about to leave. Nowadays the streets are crowded and you find a Starbuck’s at every corner.

Sitting next to Patricia Arquette: A kind of restaurant guide book. Breakfast in Hills Coffee Shop/Hollywood – because of Swingers. Across Whilshire Boulevard (beautyfully demolished in Volcano) to Fairfax Avenue, having a hamburger in Canter’s next to the Enemy of the State. We keep on crossing the city: to Rae’s in St. Monica because of True Romance, to Burbank for of Bob’s Big Boy and Heat, and of course to Chinatown because of Jack Nicolson and Faye Dunaway. A last drink back in Pantry Cafe opposite the Hotel, and we are very sure this will be a movie location pretty soon.

Tokyo, California. The Second Street Tunnel at Figeroa Street appears in almost every other film since Blade Runner. Actually—it  really looks great. The light reflects beautifully from the shiny polished walls. It is quite convenient—only a couple of miles away from Hollywood. So Uma Thurman can drive through the tunnel in Kill Bill pretending she’s in Tokyo.

Looking for fiction in reality It was to be expected. It is never as spectacular as in the movies. The super hero, who just saved us from another catastrophe, hides behind the air hostesses packing their luggage in the shuttle bus. The corny real is blocking the view of spectacular actions. Isn’t it more exciting to imagine how many murder-scenes were shot in the motel that we just found. Doesn’t this part of the wild look just like in U-Turn? Couldn’t this street be the one from Lost Highway? And white sharks everywhere.

This is our movie The bowling alley where John Turturro and Jeff Bridges meet is on Hollywood Boulevard. You can’t get in there. It is open to film teams only. Same thing at Johnny’s Coffee Shop, where Tom Waits has his breakfast with Lili Tomlin in Short Cuts. The old cinemas in Hollywood are closing down, now used as churches. It seems to be time to look for our own film locations. (2004/2015)

silencio_oif»Our Movie«
Aperture-Foundation/Paris Photo Night
Silencio Paris, Nov. 13, 2015
O.i.F.-Video-Premiere at Silencio-Cinema, single channel video, 4:3, 2:50 h
O.i.F.-Fanzine Silencio Special Editon
(as part of: semaine spécial Paris Photo 2015 – programme artistique)

O.i.F. is a series by Katja Stuke (*1968) and Oliver Sieber (*1966), both live and work in Düsseldorf, Germany. Since 1999 they publish the photo-fanzine Frau Böhm where they juxtapose works from different series or develop collective works for the publications. Under the label BöhmKobayashi they cover an extensive range of personas: photographers and artists, curators and exhibition organizers (ANT!FOTO, Photoszene Cologne), designers, art book editors and publishers. Regardless, in their works and activities as artists and art facilitators they have long since become moderators of a very specific photographic culture. During the last years they i.a. exhibited at Museum for Contemporary Photography Chicago, Stadtmuseum München, Kunsthalle Bremen, Museum für Photographie Braunschweig, Fondation d’entreprise Hermès Bern, Photomuseum Antwerp, Florence Loewy Paris, Museum Folkwang Essen or Kunstmuseum Bonn.