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cropped-cropped-id0Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber. You and Me, Spector Books, 2017 Interview by Laura Carbonell»» A recent interview about »You and Me« with Punte de Fuga. Please find here the english Version. P.D.F.: Ten years ago, you started Böhm Kobayashi, the project where you have been publishing artist books. It seems trivial to say that every book is a completely unique adventure but in your case it shows how creative and how engaged Oliver and you Katja are with the book format. I wanted us to talk deeply about one specific book you published this time with Spector Books: You and Me»». Most of your books where gathering specific series of work, here it’s about different territories, different cities you go through: Bosnia, Germany and the U.S. Why did you decide to make a book about places that have no apparent connection? Weiterlesen →