7. Dezember 2016
von BöhmKobayashi
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NAK, Neuer Aachener Kunstverein Benefiz-Auktion»» 10. Dezember 2016, ab 19 Uhr incl. zwei Prints aus der Serien »Fax from the Library«

30. März 2015
von BöhmKobayashi
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O.i.F., Movie Locations

We recently exhibited the »O.i.F., Movie Locations« Portfolio as part of »Die Grosse« at Museum Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf. We showed 28 of 61 pigment prints and the portfolio. You can still purchase 2 editions here:

16. März 2015
von BöhmKobayashi
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国庆节 Nationalfeiertag Special-Editon

Dear Friends, Supporter, Collectors. In October 2011 I started working on my new project »国庆节 Nationalfeiertag«. I travelled to Beijing with Oliver, who wanted to take some portraits of punks for »Imaginary Club«. I myself was quite interested in Tiananmen Square. … Weiterlesen