Another Lesson

»Japanese Lesson« started in 2009 as a zine and projection – an associative mash-up containing material interesting for a ‚search for Japan‘: It contains images and drawing from mangas and animes, still images from japanese movies, historical and current pressphotographs; photos, drawings and paintings by japanese artists, some of our own works and material we found in the web, magazines, LP-record-sleeves, catalogues, on the streets or in the subways of Tokyo and Osaka.
Ever since the projection is growing, and »Japanese Lesson« is developping — including works about music- and subculture, discrimination/activism/politics/borders, urbanism/city developpement or Olympia 2020. »Japanese Lesson« also brings together individual works by Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber regarding music- and subculture and other works they produced since their first artist residency in Osaka in 2006.
»Another Lesson« is a glossary; a research-archive including works by Japanese artists, international artists who work in Japan, videos, documentaries, images, photographs and much more. go»»

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