Five Walks.

Exhibition — 20 Short Films on 5 Screens by 23 Artists
Performances — 2 Live Films w/ Live Music Performances

MIIT House, Konohana, Osaka
5.27.2023 (Sat:土), 2PM — 7PM ¥500

Exhibition of Short Films on 5 Screens by Brian Allen / chairo no cappccino / Mark Chua & Lam Li Shuen / Warren Decker, Michael Salovaara & Erik Sakuragi / Guadalupe Galván / Jerry Gordon / Jere Kilpinen / Tanya Kim / Meeko Koike / Laurent Lavolé / Michael J. Migliacci / Mika Pätilä / Tintin Patrone / Megumi Qingshui Shimizu / Katja Stuke & Oliver Sieber / Kozue Sugiura / Kaori Yoshikawa / Yuzuru / Gertjan Zuilhof

On May 27th, for 5 hours, MIIT House will exhibit 20 short films that make use of 5 screens installed inside the MIIT House stage space. Come and explore exploded cinema images and parallel movie narratives. The 20 short films will appear and vanish and reappear, so there are multiple chances to see what you might have missed.
At two points in the day, the short films will go dark and the projector’s focus will shift.
At these time, live films created by Andy Couzens and Nao Hayashi will be performed. These silent visuals will be washed by live improvised music/sound created by Kame, Andy Couzens and Jerry Gordon.

Film Performances by: Andy Couzens and Nao Hayashi
Sound Performances by: Kame, Andy Couzens and Jerry Gordon

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