Photography in all it’s Glory

The IED Madrid and EMAHO Magazine, in collaboration with Guardian Garden Gallery, launch an intensive four-day workshop with Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieberwhich will take place from April 5 to 8 in Tokyo, Japan.

Katja and Oliver, docents of the European Master of Fine Art Photography, will look at very different forms of publications, contemporary positions as well as introduce various ideas of research and visual strategies.

After an introduction of their own work and their curatorial approach to ANT!FOTO and the ANT!FOTO Manifiesto,  different aspects of photographic concepts, different thoughts to photography and ideas of cooperating and collaborating will be discussed with all participants. Views on photography from an european and japanese perspective will be examined and discussed.

In particular the participants are asked to introduce their work to Katja and Oliver (and the other workshop participants). Together they will explore and debate the concepts, develop strategies of presentation or publication of each work and will seek for possibilities how to realize these photographic works. The last evening will be filled with discussing photography during a »居酒屋が並んでいる Izakaya get-together«.
Detailed information in english and japanese here: europeanmasterphotography»»

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