Le Monde de Demain.

Release of a new publication:
Le Monde de Demain, A Prologue.
Delpire Books Paris, Sat Nov 11, 2023
Polycopies, Sun Nov, 12, 2023
Malenki / Between Books, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Nov 9 – 12, 2023

In 2023, we worked on »Le Monde de Demain,« a new chapter of »Cartographie Dynamique,« as part of ‚Regards du Grand Paris.‘* Our focus was on exploring the relationship between the ‚Banlieue‘ (suburbs) and the ‚Centre‘ (city center) of Paris, particularly in terms of the political and social landscape, urban transformation, and the visibility of various groups of people in this urban space. With a focus on »Paris 2024« and breakdancing, we conducted nine walks through the »Grand Paris« region, covering a total distance of 84.39 km, twice the distance of a regular marathon. In the year celebrating 50 years of hip-hop, our project connected different sites and areas, starting in the north, the birthplace of French hip-hop culture.

During the Olympic Games, breakdancing takes center stage in the city, signifying its transformation into a culturally and economically successful phenomenon. France is now the second-largest market for hip-hop after the USA. Our project explored the transformation of urban spaces, the influence of hip-hop culture, and the impact of the Olympic Games on the dynamics of the Grand Paris region. This zine includes some new works from »Le Monde de Demain« and additional photographs. In January 2023, we had the privilege of meeting the contemporary dancer Eman Hussein in Paris. Her movements ARE inspired by the motions of workers, such as those in car repair shops or on construction sites. Through this shared interest, we realized a wonderful collaboration with Eman, connecting her moves with the idea of dance tutorials from the 1980s. Finally, we present a selection of research-material from »Preliminary Drifting,« a website we created to bring together associations, links, and sources related to walking, music, dance, performance, art and political events in the context of breakdancing and the political landscape.
* Regards du Grand Paris, commande photographique nationale, Ateliers Médicis et Centre national des arts plastiques

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