You and Me

You and Me follows the story of a Bosnian-born refugee who lived in Dusseldorf in the 1990s before moving to the US. The photobook sets up links between Bosnia, Germany and the US, while also providing a contextual frame for the artists and their relationship to the past.


Japanese Lesson

Since 2011 Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber have been exploring various phenomena of the Japanese present under the title Japanese Lesson, dealing with subcultures, activism and protest or the political landscape of the major cities of Tokyo and Osaka.


Chongqing Express

Since 2014 almost 60 trains per week from China are arriving in Duisburg/Germany. We understand our work on the border and as a connection between document and artistic work. We react to social changes and look at them from our personal perspective, with associations and connections that arise and develop in the course of the work./


Carthographie Dynamique

Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber’s project ‚Cartographie Dynamique‘ involves comparing different cities by recognizing unique features and repeating patterns via maps and distinctive photographs taken at each location focussing on questions of political and social landscape.


La Ville Lumière

On 8 December 2018, protests took place on the Champs Elysée, which had an impact on the images of surrounding streets and districts: With the activist question „Away belongs the city?“ in mind, Stuke and Seiber observe the changes, the different traces in the centre of Paris.


Le Monde de Demain

As part of Regards du Grand Paris»». they explored the relationship between the ‚Banlieue‘ (suburbs) and the ‚Centre‘ (city center) of Paris, particularly in terms of the political and social landscape, urban transformation, and the visibility of various groups of people in this urban space. With a focus on »Paris 2024« and breakdancing, they conducted nine walks through the »Grand Paris« region, covering a total distance of 84.39 km, twice the distance of a regular marathon.



Stuke and Sieber use the Boulevard Périphérique as a cartographic model for the juxtaposition of places in Paris and the Ruhr region. The Eiffeltower determines the visual axis of the photographs.

artist book»»


Indian Defense

The harbour of Chennai, a metropolis in the South East of India, is an important hub to the Asia-Pacific area, and play an important role in the global trade network. »The Indian Defense« juxtaposes images from the Northern part of Chennai and found material can also be read as a critical approach to photographic images, their relations to the global economy and the lack of own ›real photography.‹

see the video»»

O.i.F. Movie Locations

A series about movie locations in the USA. Some former sets are non-descript, others simmer with memories. Playing with expectations and associations Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber act as a location scout to history, innovation and the imagination.


Fax from the Library

Fax from the Library started as a blog about photobooks, about role models, idols, admiration and a copy machine – and the best way to get to know your own photobook library.«


Schwarzes Licht

Schwarzes Licht / Black Light includes images from different individual and joint projects. The questions of photography regarding technique, light, time, printing process, original and copy, the apparatus and image were decisive criteria for the selection of the individual motives.



ANT!FOTO is a curatorial project by Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber including exhibitions, a magazine, the ANT!FOTO Bar and virtual ANT!FOTO events.