Mimic, Katja Stuke

Exhibition: May 17. – Jun 2, 2024
Exhibition Opening: May 17. 2024, 6 pm
SITTART Raum für Kunst im Atelierhaus
Sittarder Str. 5, 40477 Düsseldorf

as part of: Düsseldorf photo+ Festival

The «multiverse« of Katja Stuke is black and white. It consist of various types of images: photographs by the artist, material found in archives and through internet-research, generated images by text-to-image KI, screenshots from blockbuster-movies, video-games, Second Life or other online virtual-spaces. Pixel-like the video reveals little by little different layers of photographs of architecture or landscape, (parts of) bodies or abstract images. At a pace so the eyes of the viewer get a filmic impression of different realities. Adapting these visual multilayer the sound by Axel Ganz follows this idea and add several audio-layers to the images.

The exhibition also includes another video „Xerox Quad“ with a rhythmic beats by Thomas Klein and some photographic notes by Oliver Sieber.

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